Paula Lawrence Wehmiller - educator, author, consultant

About The Reverend Paula Lawrence Wehmiller
Consultant to Communities of Faith, Service and Learning

Paula Lawrence Wehmiller, nationally known educator and author, received her BA degree from Swarthmore College in 1967 and her Masters degree from Bank Street College of Education in 1971, and began her teaching career in 1969. In the years that followed, her work as educator and child advocate included teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in education, working in the field of community...

“There is no easy category to put Paula in, and she would walk forth from any classification. Teacher, yes, but of a very special sort. Leader...celebrant...extender of invitations to us to travel to interesting places within our experience and imaginings...One who honors teachers and teaching.

Perhaps best of all, the word 'Presence' describes her and what she does. Her presence is a gift she gives generously, and we receive it, and carry it forward with new awareness of the potential in our own gifts, our own 'presence'.”
- David Mallery, Consultant to Schools
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